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Cloud City Coffee are Smooth Square Operators

This was a groovy experience!

I went in to order a coffee and snack, but little did I know how smooth this transaction would go!

First, I placed my order.
Second, he took and swiped my card.
Third, he turned around the iPad and I was prompted to sign the screen and leave a tip (preset numbers at the bottom of the screen).
Next, I was asked if I wanted my receipt printed, email or ignore it completely.

I was so impressed that I wanted to get back in line and try it again, but to avoid complete ‘mobile dorkiness’. I asked if I could simply take a picture for my blog.

Smooth Checkout

This technology, if you haven’t seen it is Sqaure. This is a Square Register and it claims to be the simplest way to accept credit card payments, and has all the features you need to create an elegant experience at your counter. I was definitely impressed.

When you sign up as a business owner, you get a free card reader, one simple rate for all credit cards, custom inventory and fast checkout. As a retailer this system will also help you create a loyalty program to keep your new and existing customers coming back. Deeper into the app, the retailer will discover insightful analytics, employee permissions, easy tipping features, smart receipts, and integration with your cash drawer.

Square Screenshot

Now that I have seen Square on an iPhone at craft shows and on a iPad at a busy coffee shop, my mind is busy with the possibilities. I sure would love to see more places using this technology.

The sector that keeps coming to my mind is non-profits or those seeking donations. How easy would it be to buy tickets to a show or exhibit and then at the bottom (where the tipping portion was for retail) have it be donation to the museum or a particular cause the show is related to? I personally, found it so easy to just tap the $1 button to add a tip to my transaction total and know that I would likely do the same for a donation, but in a higher denomination.

I have yet to have a bad experience with these devices and would love to hear more about your thoughts on…

  • Where you would like to see this technology? Non-profit, pizza parlor, grocery store, etc.?
  • What the drawbacks could be ? Employee/customer iOS adoption?
  • Why aren’t more business owners using this technology? Cost of device?