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SnipSnap Coupon App

What if an app could combine sms notifications, mobile payments and bar/qr codes? I think SnipSnap is almost there. Plus, with couponing continuing to be a hot topic due to the current state of the economy, this app is right on target.

With this app, users can take photos of coupons and store them within the app. The app will process the bar code and turn it into a scan-able image, all while retaining the original photograph. I like the idea of SnipSnap Coupon App! In addition to scanning your own coupons, you can also see coupons that other people have scanned, too. You can select coupons to add to your favorites list and once you’ve tried using them at the store, indicate if you were successful or not.

However, it is missing two crucial pieces in order to make it really survive in the marketplace. First, this app still needs buy-off from more retailers. Not all retailers are accepting mobile coupons, causing the user to be frustrated and to lose faith that they can completely get rid of paper coupons. On their site they are open the while some supermarkets accept digital (or paperless) coupons, many still require a printed coupon to redeem. Second, while retailers place coupons in newspapers throughout the country, I can forsee trouble with coupon sharing feature, as more and more people are redeeming the coupons. Could consumer savings get out of hand for the retailer/manufacturer?

The best feature I have found is that the app reminds you when you walk in the store that you have a coupon or that a particular coupon is about to expire. Extremely handy! I often have a pile of paper coupons and half of them expire before I remember that I had a coupon.

Anyone using this app? It has a 4+ rating through the App Store. I have downloaded it and here is a quick walk through.