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Recap: Agile Marketing – Adapting & Optimizing #SMCSEA

Panel: @kdubleu, @jcolman, @grmeyer, and @shimmage

Key Takeaways:

  • In regard to measurement, assign qualitative data to numbers. Next step is to build correlative models and watch for changes and clues.
  • A product owner in agile is different. They must recognize the difference between a one-off and trend.
  • In agile, customers are the heart and soul of what we do. Social practitioners are at the front line of this!
  • Document what you need and broadcast that to your team. This ensures you get what you need and wins are celebrated.
  • Tout your successes. Scream them from the roof tops. They become your fuel.
  • Failure happens faster in agile. You see it coming and can adjust immediately instead of waiting.
  • In agile, there is one entire person (scrum master) charged with removing obstacles enabling awesome for everyone.
  • Customer wow is something we should integrate into every aspect of the customer experience.
  • Inability to get things done is a contributor to burnout. An agile process battles that with regularly scheduled accomplishments.
  • Key with agile is getting it in to the people doing the work. Beyond – that leadership is key!
  • The easiest way to get buy-in… is to just do it.
  • Institutional boundaries prevent you from moving forward and delivering customer value
  • Agile helps you get sh*t done and out the door.