With This Mobile Invitation, I Thee Wed

I was trying to find a mobile topic that I had yet to address and with my brother getting married this summer, I have had wedding on the mind. So, I did a quick search (mobile wedding apps)  and couldn’t believe what I found. While I have yet to receive one myself, people are actually sending out mobile wedding invitations.

Mobile Wedding Invitation enables you to send your personalized invitations to guests anywhere in the world! It advises that you will never run short of invitations, as they all you to send your link to as many guests as you would like. They promise you will also save time and money on postage. Not only that, but this solution is eco-friendly (no paper, printing or postage). Your order will take 7-10 working days. Your mobile invitation will remain live on their servers for 18 months unless earlier removal is requested. They do not allow search engines to index your site for privacy reasons.

Here is a link to a QR code that you can scan and experience the invitations on your phone before purchasing.

I don’t think this is a terrible idea, I just don’t know if it is for everyone, at least yet. I think this depends heavily on your generation. It would allow your guests easy access to all the information they need on the day of or days before your big day. In talking about this idea to my friends, many thought it was a very impersonal and cheap way to ask your guests to spend money on gifts and travel to your wedding and they may reconsider attending or sending a gift (thinking why couldn’t they put forth the effort to mail a real invitation).

This site, while focused all on mobile, has failed to optimize their own site for mobile. Ha! I do feel if you are truly trying to sell a mobile experience, that you should have a mobile site.

Suggestions for this mobile site:

  • Reduce the amount of content
  • Single column layout will likely work best
  • Present that navigation differently
  • Minimize text entry
  • Design for touchscreen and non-touchscreen users
  • Take advantage of inbuilt functionality

Also, they claim eco-friendly, but they are likely not factoring in the costs of hosting these invitations, the data plan usage or phone battery usage to view this invitation. Those all take power to run and host.

I wonder what will be next, getting a wedding invitation via a Facebook event. I wouldn’t put it past the Smartphone Class!


One comment on “With This Mobile Invitation, I Thee Wed

  1. Karl Eckler
    May 26, 2012 at 1:00 am #

    This is certainly an interesting service, which I suspect we will see more of in the future. However, there is a rather large amount of #fail going on in this particular instance. For instance, anyone click on the large 1-2-3 buttons? Well, they look like buttons that should do something, instead they open a link to the image of the button.


    I am also confused about the actual functioning of the product. They build a QR code to the mobile site they build for you, but how do you get the invites to the invitees? Text? Email? Printed out on nice stationary and sent by the USPS? That might be a great way for two geeks to get married:

    A nice clean stiff-as-a-board bit of Crane note-card in bone-white, and nothing on it but a Black-as-Night QR code, perfectly justified. Extra points if the QR code was transferred to a custom rubber stamp (I use simonstamp.com for such things) and gingerly “kissed” to each of those note-cards.

    That would be classy!

    As to their eco-friendliness, I am rather dubious of any attempt to save trees by reducing the need for high-quality paper–which is usually a cotton-linen mix. Although, if they insist on marketing themselves that way, They should at least buy wind-power credits and list that prominently on their webpage.

    Also if you click “Facebook” on their demo… it pulls up YOUR Facebook presence, if you are logged in. Which is both creepy and annoying, because to get back to the rest of the demo you have to reload the page. I wonder how well it would work on a live system.

    How to get your message out? Why via SMS of course. With an additional fee, of course! Only £5.00 for fifty texts, £17.00 for up to 200 and £35.00 for up to five-hundred. Given what we now know about how SMS works, I can but wonder if it will take three days or longer for all 500 texts to filter out, due to carrier throttling…

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