Smartphone Class: Always On, Always Consuming

In a recent article from eMarketer, a new class of consumers was highlighted, the Smartphone Class. They are armed with fast, high-powered smartphones and are 100 million strong and growing. This class is ‘rerouting the path to purchase and redefining cultural norms in the US.’

Below are a few things to note about marketing to the Smartphone Class.

  • Spare time is snack time!
    •  “Snackable” content is preferred creating bite size marketing moments.
    • They DO NOT tolerate dull moments and are looking for instant gratification.
    • Notable for those who are producing mobile video.
  • Functionally impulsive!
    • Based on their on-the-go nature, if they need to get something in short order, they will buy it via their phone.
    • Notable for those who are engaged in mCommerce and are attempting to reach people that may be planning short term activities and don’t have time to drive to a specific location.
  • Uber Communicators!
    • The actual phone functionality is the least used.
    • Texting and social media are the norm with people sharing every little detail.
    • Notable for those who who are promoting concerts, sports or larger events, as members of this class are NEVER at a loss for something to share through their phones.

2 comments on “Smartphone Class: Always On, Always Consuming

  1. Jeff Barber (@MobileTechJeff)
    May 6, 2012 at 4:09 pm #

    Thanks for sharing this article, Amy! That’s an impressive number…100 million and growing, just in the U.S. The findings seem consistent with what our guest presenters have been saying…perhaps we’re all finally getting our minds around how smart phones are being incorporated into our lifestyles.

    As one of them, I find that most of the representations are true for me, although personally I’ve been slow to adopt m-commerce. Also find that the more I consume mobile marketing, the less tolerant I become of poor mobile marketing (i.e. 2D scan yesterday went to non-optimized home page and no incentive for me taking two of my precious snack minutes to scan = I’m done, won’t be doing business with you).

  2. Kelly McIvor
    May 10, 2012 at 8:36 am #

    This actually sounds like a lot of people I know. And probably most of the class!

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