Recap: Beneath the Surface: A Deep Dive Into the World of Social Analytics with #SMCSEA

Speaker: @chuckhemann
Host: #smcsea
Sponsors:  @vitrue, @CityofSeattle, @alaskaair and @Uber_SEA!
Live Stream!

“In 2009 more data was generated by individuals than in the entire history of mankind through 2008” – Andreas Weigend,


  • How do we turn listening data into something actionable?
  • How do I build a robust measurement program to show value and please my boss?
  • Can influencer analysis be quantified, and can I do it without using Klout?

Key Takeaways:

  • There are 4 quads a brand can fall into: Monitoring, Listening, Analyzing, Measuring
  • Analyzing is the future! How should we go to market in new/different ways?
  • Listening and data are at the foundation of everything we do.
  • We must listen, leverage, link and launch.
  • Listening gives you:
    • The ability to optimize content real-time
    • Foster a better customer experience
    • Alert you about potential product issues
  • Ask yourself the 5 W’s while listening.
    • What are people saying about your brand?
    • Where are people talking about your brand?
    • When are people talking about your brand?
    • Who is talking about your brand?
    • Why are people talking about your brand?
  • How do I listen effectively?
    • Have you identified a tool?
      • Once selected, ask yourself the following questions:
        • How many sites does the tool capture?
        • Does it have workflow management?
        • Does it have the ability to import and export data from the tool?
        • Does it incorporate other data sources?
        • What is the cost?
    • Do you have a training protocol?
    • Have you outlined a regular reporting schedule?
    • Have you developed a competitive set?
    • Will you list for the broader category?
    • Don’t review all tools, pick 5 and go into further details.
  • Measurement has two tracks!
    • Improve: real-time intelligence gathering
    • Prove: weekly analysis and monthly dashboards
  • What should we be asking more often? Did the program drive results? Sales/leads/consumer satisfaction. However, without awareness we would never get to the end of the funnel.
  • Process for effective measurement:
    • Understand what your campaign goal and objectives are
    • Conducting benchmark research
    • Developing your strategy and tactics
    • Execution of your campaign
    • Measure and tweak
    • Then REPEAT!
  • Good blog source for thoughts on social media: Being Peter Kim
  • Less than 50 people drive the share of conversations about a brand online, so it is important to have complete clarity into who influences your world, and how to reach them with your content.
  • Relevance is KEY!



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