How to Develop Conversational Content for Your Brand in Social Media

In a recent webinar with MarketingProfs, I heard Jennifer Kane (Principal at Kane Consulting) give easy steps on how to develop conversational content for your brand in social media.

Brands are wanting to know how to create an impression that is both strategic AND organic, here are her tips:

Step 1: Use a consistent and brand-appropriate conversational voice.

  • Think less like a writer, and more like an improv artist.
  • Develop a persona for your brand by asking what does your brand FEEL like and then identify a tone to match.
  • It may be helpful to think of a ‘character’ to help remind you of that tone.
  • …then improvise, extrapolate and rehearse.

Step 2: Use keywords, not phrases, to create an impression and get found.

  • Subliminal suggestion + search optimization
  • Decide what words in your brand toolkit you want to ‘own’.
  • Marry those with the words people are already using to describe you (Google Analytics,, Twitter lists, Wordle word clouds).
  • Artfully seed the top contenders into your conversational content.

Step 3: Focus your conversations and listen for cues from your audience.

  • Twitter: Content that grabs attention. Keep it short, well constructed and intriguing. Include links and hashtags.
    • Strength: can open the door to new audiences. Easy to mine influencer data.
    • Weakness: Not a great place for continuous conversation and deeper engagement.
  • Facebook: Content that humanizes your brand and builds community. Attach an image to meek content pop in the fee. Ask open-ended quest to encourage likes/shares.
    • Strength: Offers opportunities for your community to build your network for you. Huge audience.
    • Weakness: As a wall-garden, Facebook is a harder place to have content “go viral”. Algorithm makes it hard to stand out.
  • LinkedIn: Content that establishes thought-leadership and initiates networking. Attach an image to make it pop in the feed. Mine lists to micro target content.
    • Strength: Gives you an opportunity to engage in niche-specific conversations with key influencers.
    • Weakness: Content tends to lack a sense of humanity and humor.
  • Pinterest: Content that is visually interesting. Optimize your pin and create a clear click-path to drive traffic.
    • Strength: Offers a different way to start a conversation and create community. Plus, it’s hot as heck right now.
    • Weakness: Many people aren’t there for ‘messaging’. Brands are setting up a presence with a lack of grace.
  • Help your conversations stand out by speaking in a human voice, have a distinct point of view, add humor (if appropriate), be creative in how you present info/insights, ask questions, and lead with conversation and then follow with marketing.
  • Be careful not to close doors by adding ‘door opener’ endings.
  • Listen for conversation cues.

Step 4: Audit and evaluate what’s working and what’s not and adjust accordingly.

  • What is your goal? – Brand lift, increase share of voice comparable to competitors, drive lead generation/sales, expand the reach of your brand throughout your network, change in sentiment.
  • Where do you want them to go next?
  • What do you look like to them? Take a step back and look at yourself.
  • Just go for it.



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