The Shift in SEM

I recently attended a Social Media Breakfast – Seattle meeting at Edelman, where I had the pleasure of listening to Craig Kronenberger.

Below are a few key takeaways.

Be found!

  • Stop ignoring natural search.
  • Invest in content.
  • Become a newsroom.
    • Content should be personalized, high in volume, updated consistently, be accurate, etc.
  • Define a process for content.
    • By setting priorities, defining the audience experience, defining the content and operational requirement, then implement a process and a process for measurement.
  • Invest in search and social optimization.
    • Consider keywords, social signals (influencers), media type (images, video, news or text), and relevancy (local and mobile).
  • Invest in Google+.
    • It gives you the ability to segment your audience.
  • Look at measurement differently.
    • Monitoring and increased positive sentiment and increased social presence will drive search and also be able to track where people are coming from.

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