MCDM – WP Configuration Settings

Best Practices:

  • settings -> general: Create a distinctive name (separate from your login).
  • settings -> general: Change the time to [-8] so that your timestamp reflects your timezone (sorta)
  • posts -> categories: Consider setting up categories for classes by class number; don’t post as “uncategorized”
  • pages -> about: Say something about yourself!
  • links -> this is the blogroll
  • appearance -> themes: select a design (don’t leave the blog in default mode)
  • appearance -> widgets: designs have different widgets enabled; you can embed a Twitter or Flickr feed, embed any RSS feed, make it easy for people to subscribe to the blog using email or add a tag cloud.
  • appearance -> extras: disable snap-preview (mShots preview)

Recommended settings:

  • settings –> privacy: Make the blog public; include in search engines or public listings if you want the outside world to more easily find your blog
  • settings -> discussion: To avoid spam, enable “Users must be registered and logged in to comment”
  • settings -> discussion: De-select “must approve comments”

More available here.


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